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Cadets @ Home

Designed for at-home use

A one-on-one curriculum for boys and mentors

These Cadets @Home kits contain everything a boy needs to work on Cadet materials with a mentor outside of a traditional cadet club. Every kit includes badge work, Bible lessons, craft projects, and other fun stuff!

Cadets @Home Kits

Lots of fun elements in one bag!

Kit contents:

  • Drawstring bag with Cadets logo
  • @Home badge book for Jr. Cadet, Recruit, Pathfinder, or Builder
  • @Home Mentor’s Guide for Jr. Cadet, Recruit, Pathfinder, or Builder
  • Bible lessons (11)
  • Bible lesson Mentor’s Guide
  • Project worksheets (7)
  • Cadets pencil
  • Cadets landmarks poster, 11”x17”
  • Bookmark

One bag/kit is needed per cadet.

Cadets @Home Badge Booklets

Work on badges at home

These booklets are designed to be used by cadets outside of the usual club environment and allow boys to work on merit badges with help from a mentor. The included Mentor’s Guide helps a mentor work through the badges with the cadet.

The Jr. Cadet @Home materials are geared for boys in grades 1-3.
The Recruit, Pathfinder, and Builder @Home materials are suited for boys in grades 4-6.

Ranks and contents:

  • Jr. Cadet: Landmarks; My Family Tree, Sculpting, Cadet Code merit badges
  • Recruit: Landmarks; Occupations, Chivalry, New Life merit badges
  • Pathfinder: Flag Knowledge; Home Cooking, Reading, Sculpture, Christian Life merit badges
  • Builder: Citizenship; Weeds & Wildflowers, Money Management, Chemistry, Christian Way merit badges

Cadets @Home Bible Lessons

Eleven Themed lessons

The Bible Lessons with our Cadet @Home kits are age-appropriate and based on a central theme. Don’t feel confident leading a Bible lesson? No problem – the Mentor’s Guide for these Bible lessons is included to help the mentor work through the Bible lessons with the cadet.

Cadets @Home Projects

Cool Craft Projects

We’ve picked seven of our most popular craft projects to include in our Cadets @Home kits. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able to make lots of fun things to use or give to others.

Cadets @Home Extras

Even more fun stuff

Cadets @Home kits include other fun stuff, too. A pencil is included for filling out badge booklets and Bible lessons. Kits also include a Cadet landmarks poster and bookmark based on a theme (matching the Bible lessons). And of course, the whole kit ships in a reusable, Cadets-branded drawstring bag to keep everything together.