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Cadet Quest Magazine

Cadet Quest Magazine

The official magazine of Cadets

Cadet Quest magazine is published seven times during a Cadet season (September/October, November, December, January, February, March, and April/May). This magazine brings cadeting alive through stories, projects, games, and Bible lessons. It captures the enthusiasm of boys by asking questions and searching for answers to the struggles of today’s youth. Recommended for all boys in the R•P•B and Guide Trails programs. It is available by subscription.


Quest Bible Lessons

Each Cadet Quest contains two sets of Bible lessons — one lesson to a page.

Series A is designed for boys aged 9-11.

Series B lessons are based on the monthly themes and are for boys aged 12-14.

All lessons contain a lesson-related puzzle for the boys to complete.

Author Info – Write for Cadet Quest

We are always looking for more stories to share in Cadet Quest magazine. If you would like to contribute, please send us your submissions.

Please be sure to follow our guidelines, and check out our themes for this season:

September/October 2022 • Amazing
November 2022 • Anatomy
December 2022 • Grace
January 2023 • Places
February 2023 • Architecture
March 2023 • Sounds
April/May 2023 • Animals

Cadet Quest Magazine