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Online Club Application Form

This form is for NEW CLUBS. If you are trying to register an existing club, please use the Online Club Registration Form.

Supporting Church Information

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Second Supporting Church

(if club is supported by more than one church)
Second Supporting Church Address
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Club Information

How many boys do you have in each program? (Fill in numbers. If you’re not sure how many boys you will have, just estimate.)
How many boys in your program receive little or no Bible number education outside Cadets?

Head Counselor Information

Head Counselor Name(Required)
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Co-Head Counselor Information

Co-Head Counselor Name

Other Counselors

List all other counselors. They will receive the counselor newsletter, monthly prayer emails, and periodic communications relevant to the Cadet ministry.
Counselor Name Counselor Email Counselor Address Actions
Our church approves the men listed as Cadet counselors in our church's Cadet club for the upcoming season.
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Church Board Officer Name(Required)