2021 Fall Start-Up Packets

Attention Head Counselors – 2021 Fall Start-Up Packets have been mailed! Inside you’ll find lots of information to get your club started this fall.

If in doubt, refer to the 2021 Fall Start-Up Check List included in the packet. It will give you directions on the included materials and how to use them. It also provides a handy reference of what you’ll need to send to the Corps office to get going with your club this fall. 

Most of the information will be familiar to you if you’ve received a start-up packet before, but this year there are a few things we wanted to highlight.


To be considered registered, your club will need to turn in:

  • your Club Registration Form
  • your Counselor List
  • your registration fee

All three parts of your registration are due to the Corps office by October 15, 2021, so be sure to take care of those as soon as possible. 

Theme Materials

We’re excited about this year’s “God’s In Control” theme, and we want you to get excited about it, too. To help, we’ve included information on how to order more (and larger) theme posters and bookmarks suitable for distribution to cadets and counselors. You’ll also be able to order “God’s In Control” themed bulletin covers for Cadet Sunday. 

By the way, you can also order these materials online.



Information on ordering Cadet Quest Counselor Editions is included, so be sure to order one for every counselor using the Quest for Bible lessons. Also, note that your Quest subscription will be renewed automatically. If you need to change your quantity, please let the Corps office know. 

Counselor Polo Shirts

Again this year, we’re making a few polo shirts available exclusively for counselors. These are special orders and are not included in the Supply Catalog, so let your counselors know about – and order – them soon. Orders and payment are due by September 14. For more info, see our article on counselor polo shirts


Promoting Cadets

You’ll also find an insert in your Start-Up Packet about promoting your club using flyers and postcards customized with your club’s information. These materials are an effective way to promote your club in your community. Note that Spanish versions of these materials are now available. 

There’s plenty more in the 2020 Fall Start-Up Packet, so be sure to carefully read everything that’s included and share with your fellow counselors!

If you have any questions or comments, please let the Corps office know at info@calvinistcadets.org.