2021 January Cadet Quest

PEER PRESSURE is the theme of the January issue of Cadet Quest magazine, and we tackle this tricky topic from a variety of angles.

Check out the Table of Contents to see what’s inside this issue, and be sure to look for the objects hidden throughout the magazine.

Steve Bootsma, our Executive Director, introduces the PEER PRESSURE theme and explores the positive aspects of an often negative part of life.

“The Granite Hill Dilemma” is a short fiction piece about a boy named Josh who struggles directly with pressure from his friends. What choice will Josh make? You’ll need to read to find out.

The article “Jellyfish Christians” takes a look at how some people “go with the flow” while Christians are called to “have a backbone and a brain” and do what is right no matter what others are doing.

There’s even a Jellyfish Test you can take to see how you deal with peer pressure.

In another short story, “Just a Pack of Gum,” a boy named Luke must decide how far he’ll go to make friends in a new town.

“The Thief of Peat Street,” our final piece of fiction, follows a few boys as they decide the right thing to do when it turns out their friend isn’t a GOOD friend.

“Dive Into the Word” and get a good start on the “God’s Temple” merit badge with the worksheet in this issue.

The Fun & Games section includes a peer-pressure themed word search and some jokes you’ll enjoy sharing with your friends and family.

In this issue, you’ll also find the regular features of Cadet Quest magazine: a craft project, our spotlight on a cadet club, the A and B Bible lessons, and the Casey’s Cadre comic.

That’s a quick look at the January 2021 Cadet Quest magazine. We encourage you to read it all. You might learn something about peer pressure and something about yourself. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.