2022 April/May Cadet Quest

The theme for the April/May issue of Cadet Quest magazine is BUGS! Join us as we explore these fascinating creatures.

Find what you’re looking for with our Table of Contents, and try to find these objects hidden throughout the magazine.

Executive Director Steve Bootsma talks about all sorts of bugs before explaining that we’re dealing with the “insect” kind of bug in this issue of Cadet Quest.

In the first story of this issue, “Eight Legs,” a cadet-aged boy named Trent has an encounter with a roach – or at least that’s what his mom thinks it is.

Do you think bugs are icky? Read “Beautiful Backyard Bugs” – and check out the pictures – for some examples of bugs that you might think are actually cool-looking.

A boy named Benni learns about insects and builds a winter shelter for them in the story, “Benni’s Bug Hotel.”

Of course, both the A and B Bible Lessons are included in Cadet Quest.

Follow the directions of this month’s craft project to put together your own set of glass bead windchimes.

If you’ve got an interest in bugs, you can get a great start on your Insect Life badge by working through the exercises on this page.

“Mystery of the Midnight Racket” follows Jake and Alex as they try to find out what’s making an awful noise at night. Can you guess what’s making the midnight racket?

Maybe it’s okay to be afraid of some bugs. The article “Dangerous Bugs” gives you just a few examples of insects you might want to avoid.

In our fun and games pages, we’ve got an insect-themed word search… and a bunch of bug jokes.

Casey’s Cadre is working on some knots, but there seems to be a communications issue.

That is just a quick overview of what you’ll find in the April/May issue of Cadet Quest magazine. We hope it doesn’t bug you too much – and maybe you’ll learn a few things – while you read it all. Until next time, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.