2022 February Cadet Quest

The Cadet Quest theme this month is WEIRD AND WACKY SPORTS, and we’re covering some of the weirdest and wackiest sports out there.

While you’re reading Cadet Quest magazine, keep an eye out for these hidden objects. Can you find them all?

Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces the WEIRD AND WACKY SPORTS theme, and encourages cadets to get outside, be imaginative, have fun, and come up with something new.

“Math for One Hundred” is a short story that explores several WEIRD AND WACKY SPORTS, from Bubble Ball Soccer to Quiddich and several others in between.

Get a running start on the Individual Sports Badge by completing the activities on this page.

The article “Weird and Wacky Sports Around the World” showcases exactly that – and you won’t believe what some people will do for fun.

As always, the A and B Bible Lessons are included.

This month’s craft project will help you put together some cool-looking coasters that are great to use or give as a gift.

In the short story “The Disappearing Fruit,” a couple of friends learn a lesson about judging others too quickly.

“Wacky Woohoo” is a short story about two boys’ quest for a new sport – and the realization that even old sports can be “new to you.”

There are loads of jokes on the fun and games pages, along with a puzzle that requires you to do some decoding.

Casey’s Cadre is with us again – this month Casey is trying to drive his counselor’s car. Will he succeed?

That’s a quick overview of the February 2022 Cadet Quest magazine. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

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