2022 November Cadet Quest

Welcome to another issue of Cadet Quest magazine! The theme for this month’s Cadet Quest is AMAZING ANATOMY.

The table of contents will help you find what you’re looking for in this issue. Remember to be on the lookout for these things hidden throughout the magazine, too.

Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces the AMAZING ANATOMY theme and reminds us that we’re all uniquely created. This page also has information on the Bible Knowledge badge, the special patch for memorizing 100 Bible verses, and the Home Cooking badge pages that show up later in the magazine.

The article “Spine-Tingling Care” explores our AMAZING ANATOMY with a closer look at our backbones and how they affect our overall health.

Our challenge to memorize 100 Bible verses continues! This month, we’ll be memorizing the Beatitudes as they are found in Matthew 5:3-12. We encourage you to take on this AMAZING challenge.

This issue’s craft project is a clay hand dish that makes a great keepsake or gift!

“My Body Does What?” presents a few pages of AMAZING ANATOMY facts that are a little surprising, and maybe a little gross.

As always, the A and B Bible lessons are included, along with the AMAZING theme Bible lesson.

“Understanding Your Heart” is another AMAZING ANATOMY article that looks at how our hearts work, including a few fun facts and a deep breathing exercise.

Our work on the Home Cooking badge continues – this issue we practice boiling vegetables and make an easy pasta dinner!

Don’t forget the 2023 Cadet International Camporee – and be sure to get camporee certified!

Our fun and games pages include a tricky word search, an amazing brain maze, and a lot of AMAZING ANATOMY jokes.

The Casey’s Cadre comic is of course included – this issue, Casey is helping out his counselor, or is he?

That’s a quick overview of the November 2022 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read it all, learn a few things, and have loads of fun. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.