2022 September/October Cadet Quest

Welcome to a new Cadet season and a new issue of Cadet Quest magazine. The theme of our September-October issue is the same as our Cadets theme for this year – AMAZING!

The table of contents will help you find all the exciting stuff in the magazine. Speaking of finding stuff – see if you can find some of the things hidden throughout this issue, and enjoy the other random facts and dates you’ll find on this page.

Cadets Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces our AMAZING theme. He also introduces an amazing challenge to learn 100 Bible verses over the course of the Cadet season. Will you accept the challenge?

In the story, “An Annoying, er, Amazing Day,” a boy named Liam eventually realizes – thanks to his friend Noah – that his day is actually more amazing than he thought.

Remember that 100 Bible Verse Challenge we mentioned earlier? This is where it starts. Memorize a few verses from Psalm 23 and Matthew 6, and you’ll be on your way!

The Home Cooking badge is a great one to earn, and we’re going to walk you through it step-by-step! This article introduces the badge and gets you started with a recipe for Classic French Toast – including a few bonus topping ideas.

There are lots of Bible lessons in the Cadet Quest magazine. The “A” Bible Lessons will guide you through the book of Mark. There are five “A” Bible Lessons in this issue.

The “B” Bible Lessons are based on this year’s AMAZING theme. You’ll find five “B” Bible Lessons in this issue.

The Cadet International Camporee is coming next summer! Join us July 19-26 in Ontario, Canada for a week of camping and adventures.

As always, we’ve got a fun craft project for you. This issue, it’s a paper plate frisbee that’s easy to make and fun to fly.

“The Amazing Answer,” follows a boy named Brady as he tries to answer the question, “Where is Mr. Quiz?”

Our Quest Fun page is packed with amazing puzzles and tasks that will challenge and amuse you.

Our Jokes page is full of funniness for you. Don’t forget to share your jokes with us – you might see them in a future issue!

Of course, the Casey’s Cadre comic is included. In this issue, Casey is experimenting with some special fuel for his remote-controlled car. What could go wrong?

That’s it for our quick overview of the September-October issue of Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read this issue, get started on some badges and projects, and get excited about this year’s AMAZING theme! Until the next issue – enjoy Cadet Quest magazine!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.