2023 April/May Cadet Quest

April/May Quest highlights


Welcome to a new issue of Cadet Quest magazine. Our theme this month is AMAZING ANIMALS.


While reading this issue of Cadet Quest, you’ll want to look closely for these objects and animals hidden throughout the magazine.

[PAGE 3]

Steve Bootsma, our Executive Director, introduces the AMAZING ANIMALS theme by describing the sights and sounds of several animals. He also reminds cadets of various AMAZING things we’ve looked at in Cadet Quest magazine over the course of the season.
This page also has information on the Bible Knowledge badge, the special patch for memorizing 100 Bible verses, and the Home Cooking badge pages that show up later in the magazine.

[PAGES 4-6]

The first story in this month’s issue is “Grandpa’s Guineas,” in which two cadet-aged boys named Eli and Keegan visit their grandfather’s farm AND learn something about “pest control.”

[PAGES 7-9]

The next story, “Lickety Spit,” follows a boy named Austin, his father, and their dog, as they go for an adventure-filled hike. Can you guess what AMAZING ANIMALS they encounter?

[PAGE 10]

The craft project in this issue will guide you through making a Bird Flyer Kite.

[PAGES 11-17]

The A and B Bible lessons are included, along with the Amazing theme Bible lesson.

[PAGE 18]

Are you still working on your Bible Knowledge badge? This page has the last set of helpful tips for the season. You will also find the verses to memorize this month to complete the 100 Bible verse challenge. This month we’re learning the resurrection story and the gospel message as found in the book of John.

[PAGE 19]

“Animals in the Bible” is an article about just a few of the creatures that play a role in the Bible’s teachings.

[PAGES 20-21]

“The Trickster” will introduce you to an AMAZING ANIMAL that mimics other animals – and serves as a great object lesson.

[PAGES 22-23]

This month, we conclude our work on the Home Cooking badge by practicing steaming. Enjoy these recipes for broccoli, veggie steamed rice, and crab legs!

[PAGES 24-25]

Another article on AMAZING ANIMALS is, “Animal Defenses,” which describes several ways that animals defend themselves.

[PAGES 26/27]

The Quest Fun pages will challenge you with an AMAZING ANIMAL-themed logic puzzle, and amuse you with a few AMAZING ANIMAL jokes.


Casey’s Cadre winds things up – this month, Casey is serving his cadre pizza on their campout. It turns out to be a tasty treat – but maybe not for Casey.


That’s a quick overview of the April/May 2023 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read and enjoy it! Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.