2024 April/May Cadet Quest

April/May Quest Highlights

Welcome to a new month and a new issue of Cadet Quest magazine.
Our April/May issue explores “BICYCLES”!

We’re exploring all aspects of bicycles.
You’ll even find information to help you earn the Cycling merit badge.

As always, the Cadet Quest includes fun fictional stories and cool articles.

You’ll find the usual A and B Bible Lessons in this issue of Cadet Quest.

This month’s craft project is a bike frame handle.

And it wouldn’t be Cadet Quest magazine without games, jokes, and the Casey’s Cadre comic.

We’re also including bonus content online at CadetZone, so be sure to talk to your counselor, get signed up, and check it out!

That’s it for our quick overview of the April/May issue of Cadet Quest magazine.
We hope you’ll read this issue and learn about bicycles!

Until the next issue – enjoy Cadet Quest magazine!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.