About the Gold Sheet

It’s been an unusual year for Cadets, and the typical weekly club meeting probably looks a little different than expected. We encourage you to start (or continue) your club meetings as much as possible while following your local pandemic guidelines. Remember that the Calvinist Cadet Corps has tools to help you re-start your club and keep it going even in trying times.

We’ve already mentioned the importance of the Fall Start-Up Packet (https://www.calvinistcadets.org/fall-start-up-packets/) but the materials included are useful for the whole Cadet season. One especially useful tool is the Gold Sheet, which is updated every year to reflect the updated theme. Here are just a few highlights of how the Gold Sheet can help counselors start and maintain their clubs. For your convenience, we’ve made this year’s Gold Sheet available online (you must be registered and logged in to download it). 

Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

Before gearing up for Cadets, it is important for counselors to remember what is expected of them, and the Gold Sheet lays out counselors’ duties and responsibilities quite clearly. Counselors, be sure to review and follow these guidelines to stay in the proper mindset and maximize your effectiveness.

Suggested Opening Exercises

If you haven’t been meeting regularly, you may be a little rusty when it comes to your opening exercises. Fortunately, the Gold Sheet includes a suggested “running order” to help remind you what you need to cover and maintain some continuity.

Theme-Related Resources

How do you incorporate the annual theme with your club meetings and activities? The Gold Sheet has lots of ideas. While the Gold Sheet gives a great overview of this year’s theme, it also includes several detailed ways that counselors can incorporate it throughout the Cadet season. Discover the many verses related to the theme and theme verse, and use them to assist boys with Bible memorization badges and logs. The Gold Sheet also lists a number of theme-related badges and service projects that you can incorporate into your club activities.

Getting More Help

Of course, no one document could contain everything you need to know to be an effective counselor, but the Gold Sheet also includes directions on where to find more resources if you need them. From program descriptions to planning your season, game ideas to patch placement, the Gold Sheet can tell you where to find the relevant information.

Even More Help

If you can’t find the answers you need in the Gold Sheet, remember that you can always contact the Calvinist Cadet Corps office – our info is included in the Gold Sheet.

If you have comments or questions about this article, please let us know – info@calvinistcadets.org.