Call for Testimonials 2021

Calling all cadets, counselors, and friends and family of Cadets!

The Calvinist Cadet Corps wants to spread the word about Cadets and the positive impact it can have on the lives of boys. And we need your help!

This is a great opportunity for you to support Cadets and contribute to our growth.

What we’re looking for

We need your testimonial! We want you to tell us what you think about Cadets through a short testimonial video. We’re especially interested in hearing from cadets, counselors, moms/dads/guardians, and church leaders.

Not sure what to talk about?

Here are a few questions that can get you started:

Why did you start going to Cadets?
What is your favorite part of Cadets?
What have you changed in your life because of Cadets?
Looking back, what impact has Cadets had on your life?

Why did you become a counselor?
Why are you still a counselor?
What impact have you had on a boy’s life?
What are the rewards of being a counselor?

Why did you send your son to Cadets?
What difference have you seen in your son because of Cadets?
What does Cadets mean to you?
What impact has Cadets had on your son’s life?

Church Leaders:
Why does your church have a Cadet club?
What do you appreciate about the Cadet ministry?
What impact have you seen in boys’ lives?
Have you seen Cadets grow and develop as leaders in your church?

Technical tips

Keep the camera steady! Ideally, your camera or phone will be mounted on a tripod or other very stable stand. You can also use the camera on your computer, as long as your computer is on a desk or other stable place. Please avoid using your phone while held in your hand, or your computer while sitting on your lap.

Lighting is important! Be sure that your setting has plenty of light and that you are well-lit during your testimonial. This will also help you stay in focus.

Audio is important! Check to make sure your mic is working. Speak loudly and clearly. When in doubt, slow down, and you will be easier to understand.

Smile! It will help you look and sound authentically enthusiastic about Cadets.

Check your recording! After you’re done, be sure to take a look (and listen) to your video to make sure it came through satisfactorily with steady, well-lit, in-focus video and clear audio.

When you’re done recording…

Please send us your footage. If you’re local (Grand Rapids, MI area) you can drop a thumb drive off at the Cadet Office. Otherwise, you can mail a thumb drive to the office. Preferably, you can find some way to share the files online with us using WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive, or something similar. Whatever works best for you, please share your files with

While we can’t use every video we receive, we will certainly review and consider any and all submissions.

Thanks in advance for sharing your Cadet testimonial with us!

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to