Clarion Highlights

The Clarion is the counselors’ newsletter of the Calvinist Cadet Corps, and one of the most important and useful resources available to all counselors. Published three times a year, the Clarion is freely available as an online PDF by default, though counselors can also subscribe to receive a hard copy for a small fee.

Important Dates and News

The Clarion is likely the first place counselors can learn about many Cadet-related events, including details on Corps-wide events like Camporee and special Corps office hours. Throughout the Clarion, counselors can also find information on training events and conferences in their regions. Along the way, there is plenty of news about other Cadet events that have already taken place to inform and inspire counselors in their own clubs. Most importantly, the Clarion always includes important upcoming announcements, due dates, and deadlines for clubs and counselors.

New and Updated Items and Merchandise

The Corps office staff is continually updating materials and adding new resources and merchandise to our supply catalog. While these updates may be mentioned on our blog or social media, the Clarion is where counselors will find information on new and improved materials that are especially relevant to them.

New and Updated Badges

Badges are often added or updated, too, and the Clarion is a counselor’s best source for information about the latest badge additions. Use the Clarion in conjunction with the merit badge resources found on the counselor website to stay completely on top of the latest and greatest badge developments.


There are always a few craft projects included in each issue of the Clarion, too. These projects are similar to ones found in the Cadet Quest magazine but may be more complex or require more counselor involvement. If you’re a counselor looking for a cadre project, the Clarion might have just what you’re looking for.

News and Information from Staff

In every issue of the Clarion are columns authored by some of the Cadet Corps staff members. These include regular columns written by Executive Director Steve Bootsma (A View from Over Here), Corps Chaplain Jim Hoekstra (Chaplain’s Corner), and Marketing and Promotions Coordinator Russ Roozeboom (Russ Writes). These columns help counselors think about their role in new ways, challenge them to develop spiritually, and encourage them to promote their clubs in their church and community.

New Issue Soon

A new issue of the Clarion is coming out in the near future, so keep watching your inbox.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or 616-241-5616, ext. 4.