Craft Project – Box Bank

Follow these instructions (and the video) to make a box bank! 

Instructions (see video for details/example)

What You Will Need

  • cardboard (from boxes or similar, .25-inch thick)
  • ruler and/or straight edge
  • utility knife, craft knife, or similar
  • duct tape (colored or patterned)
  • stuff to decorate the box (markers, paint, etc.)

Step #1 

Cut four 6-inch squares and two 5.5-inch squares of cardboard.

Step #2 

Begin the box by taping the 6-inch squares together.

(Try to center the tape on the seams)

Step #3 

Tape the two 5.5-inch squares to the ends to complete the box.

Step #4 

Add more tape around the edges for more strength and a uniform look.

Step #5

Add a small strip of tape in the center of the top face.

Cut a slit in the center of the strip of tape.

Step #6 

The exposed cardboard is your canvas!

Decorate your box bank however you like!

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