Craft Project – Free the Ring Puzzle

Follow these instructions (and the video) to make a tricky puzzle that will stump your friends! 

Instructions (see video for details/example)

What You Will Need

  • wood slat (1/2-inch x 1-inch x 6 inches)
  • drill and bit (3/8-inch)
  • paracord 550 (48 inches)
  • scissors
  • hand saw
  • sand paper
  • tape measure
  • O-ring (large enough to slip over slat)

Step #1 

Sand all faces and edges of the wood slat.

Step #2 

Drill two holes as shown.

Step #3 

Paint or decorate your slat.

Step #4 

Poke or drill two holes through the side of a cap.

Step #5

Take your cord and fold it in half.

Step #6 

Feed the folded end through one hole in the slat.

Step #7 

Make a cow hitch by pulling the two ends through the loop.

Step #8

Thread the ring onto the cord.

Step #9

Push the two ends of the cord through the opposite hole.

Step #10

Pull both ends flat over the slat and down to the opposite end.

Step #11

Hold or mark this spot and tie a diamond knot (see video for details).

Step #12

Check that the knot meets the end of the slat.

If the cord won’t lay flat, adjust the knot, pulling one end through the knot and evening the lengths.

Step #13

Cut away the excess cord.

Melt the ends and flatten with scissors.

Step #14

Solve the puzzle using the solution shown in the video!

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