Fall Cadet Activities

Autumn is upon us, and you may be looking for some ideas for fall-related Cadet activities. A fall campout, fishing, or hiking trip is always a great idea, but here are a few others that might also be fun and rewarding – especially if you can find a way to combine them with badge-related tasks or put a service project twist on them.

Fall Outings

Apple Orchard/Cider Mill – Lots of apple orchards or cider mills have special activities going on during this time of year. Take your cadre or club for a visit and participate in the usual bobbing for apples, cider and donuts tasting, and other diversions. Better yet, find someone in your church or community with a smaller orchard or farm and offer to help with the fall chores. Cadets can help with picking up dropped fruit, nuts, or even clearing leaves.

Corn Maze – Always popular, a corn maze can be a great way to spend an afternoon outside. For added adventure, work with a local farmer to make your own corn maze! Cadets can also volunteer to help dismantle a corn maze when the season is over.

Hay Rack Ride – Another popular fall activity, though this one requires a lot of attention to safety. Your cadets can also help get the bales where they need to be before or after the ride.

Badge Ideas

Many badges are appropriate for autumn and/or getting outside and doing something. Here’s just a few that could work for your cadets: Camping, Hiking, Geocaching, Food Preservation, Forestry, Gardening, Weeds & Wildflowers, Wildlife.

Craft Projects

Leaves, apples, pumpkins, sticks – all these materials can be used in craft projects. For a few ideas, see the Project Ideas page on the counselor site or check out our YouTube channel for our Cadets Create craft project videos, like a Pinecone Birdfeeder or Rustic Container.

Service Projects

There are lots of ways cadets can help out with fall-related activities in the church and in the community. Yard work and similar winterizing jobs that can be difficult for the elderly, home-bound, or people with health issues can be ideal chores for cadets. Talk to your deacons or building and grounds caretakers to see how your cadre or club can help.

Over to You

What fall activities are your cadets involved in? Send details and pictures to info@calvinistcadets.org!

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