Musk-O-Tawa Campout and Field Day 2018

The Musk-O-Tawa Council has a great tradition (since 1966) of starting out their Cadet season with a council campout and field day.

This year it was at Pioneer Park just north of Muskegon, Michigan. The park has a wonderful group campsite right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

It was a bit windy when trying to set up camp on Friday evening — tents were prone to moving into the woods before they could be staked down — but eventually, everyone had their shelters set.

The boys and Counselors enjoyed a beautiful sunset and high waves on the beach and then on to the first event — the smoosh race. A group of boys were all strapped into a single set of ski-like planks and had to use teamwork and coordination to make it to the finish line. The evening ended with devotions and snacks around a campfire.

Each club made their own breakfast on Saturday morning and prepared for the day’s events. The events opened with devotions and prayer. The boys were split up into groups by age so that at each event the competition was with boys of similar capabilities. The five stations were football throw, catapult target shooting, slack line, shot-put, and frisbee throw. The weather was beautiful and the boys enjoyed the friendly competition. Counselors manned each event to provide instruction and encouragement.

At noon the competition wrapped up and awards were handed out for the top three performances at each event and in each age group — so lots of ribbons for the participants. The overall best competitor received the coveted Golden Moccasin award which will have their name inscribed on it and will be theirs to keep until the next field day.

The day closed with prayer and singing Living for Jesus.

Thanks to all the counselors that put the time and energy into keeping this great season opener tradition alive for the boys of Musk-O-Tawa council!