North Region Mini Conference

See a gallery of images from the North Region Mini Conference • March 2017

A special thanks to Michael Hale and Greater Edmonton Council who hosted this conference.
Conference was held at West End CRC, Edmonton.
Workshops that were presented at the conference
  • Undesirable Behavior – Clarance Slomp
  • Blacksmithing – Tim Vanderwekken
  • DC motors – Darren Doleman
  • Dutch Oven cooking – Del VanDenBerg & Casey Scheurkogel
  • Head Counselor- Calvin Vander Leest
  • Leathercraft – Mark Van Stryland
  • Competitive Orienteering – Trevor Uitvlugt
  • Leading a Bible Lesson – Jim Hoekstra
Jim Hoekstra, Corps Chaplain, was the keynote speaker. His Topic was Coaching and Mentoring. There were a total of 32 counselors in attendance plus workshop leaders and conference leadership. Councils in attendance were Greater Edmonton, Central Alberta, West Winds, and Yellowstone. Thanks to Del Vandenberg, Regional Training Coordinator, for providing the photos and commentary.