2020 April/May Cadet Quest

The theme for this month’s Cadet Quest is SIBLINGS, and we’re coming at the topic from multiple directions.

Executive Director Steve Bootsma starts us off with observations regarding his own siblings, and reminds us that brothers and sisters can be wonderful gifts from God.

“The Buried Wheelbarrow” is a short story that highlights the importance of trust between siblings.

Another story – “A Brother Named Barnaby” – describes a different kind of sibling relationship, while emphasizing that no matter what our sibling situation might be, God is in control.

Our final piece of fiction, “The Double,” uses a story about baseball to show us how we can help our siblings, even if we’re struggling ourselves.

This issue also includes a Bible Siblings quiz to help you learn some of the lesser-known siblings in the Bible.

Our Fun & Games section focuses on siblings, too. You’ll need your thinking cap for a logic puzzle involving 5 brothers, plus there are jokes for the whole family.

The regular features of Cadet Quest magazine are also included: a craft project, a closer look at a merit badge, our spotlight on a Cadet Club, the Casey’s Cadre comic, and the A and B Bible lessons.

That’s a quick overview of the April/May 2020 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read the whole issue, learn a thing or two, and have loads of fun. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!