2020 November Cadet Quest

The theme for this month’s Cadet Quest is BASKETBALL, and we cover the topic from all angles.

You’ll want to look at this issue from all angles, too – while you’re searching for these objects hidden throughout the magazine.

Executive Director Steve Bootsma writes about his own experience with basketball and other team sports and reminds us how important it is to be a good teammate.

“Champions Don’t Cheat” is an exciting short story about a basketball team’s journey to the championship game. Along the way, they learn that some things are more important than winning.

“Winning and Losing” is a poem that compares and contrasts the highs and lows of success and struggle.

Another article, “The Wizard of Basketball,” relates the story of John Wooden, a man who left a great basketball legacy while maintaining his Christian beliefs.

You can read all about the cadet experience of Servant Leader Bennett Gann. Congratulations, Bennett!

This issue also includes a worksheet that will give you a jump start on the Team Sports merit badge.

Our Fun & Games section focuses on basketball, too, with a “Shooting Hoops” themed crossword puzzle and basketball jokes everyone can enjoy.

The regular features of Cadet Quest magazine are also included: a craft project, a closer look at a merit badge, our spotlight on a cadet council, the Casey’s Cadre comic, and the A and B Bible lessons.

That’s a quick overview of the November 2020 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read it from cover to cover, learn a few things, and have all sorts of fun. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

*NOTE – there was a printing error in this issue affecting the B Bible lessons. If you need an updated PDF of the B Bible lessons, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.