New Online Stores

Announcing the launch of our new online stores!

We’ve recently launched new Cadet stores to make getting supplies for your club as easy as possible.

New Sites, New Stores

Both stores have been split off from the main counselor’s website. We hope that sites dedicated just to being stores will help counselors (and others) find and purchase supplies more easily. Splitting the stores into U.S. and Canadian versions will help counselors in their respective countries to more easily pay in the appropriate currency, and will also help expedite order fulfillment.

In these new, improved versions of the store, every page in the store has a list of all product categories, making it much simpler than before to find what you need. The new stores have also been optimized for use on mobile devices, so you can shop from your tablet or smartphone.


Counselors, please note that you can also pay invoices through the stores. TIP: This can be a handy way to pay your club registration fee if you haven’t already!


Our new online stores are also the way to donate to Cadets. You can specify an amount and designate which part of the cadet ministry you’d like to support.

Gifts and Merchandise

If you have cadets in your friends and family circles, you can also get them Cadet-branded gifts and merchandise. We have your typical t-shirts and caps, but we also have items cadets will find particularly useful, like pocket knives, flashlights, backpacks, and more!

We hope that you’ll find our new stores to be accessible and easy to use.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or 616-241-5616, ext. 4.