Online Resources for Games

Finding new fun activities and games to play with your cadets can be challenging, especially with social distancing protocols in place. Fortunately, there are lots of resources online – here are just a couple that include games of all kinds along with supporting materials and tools.

Asphalt Green

As they say on their website, “Asphalt Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds achieve health through a lifetime of sports and fitness.” This emphasis on fitness includes a blog full of ideas for staying active with games, including games that can be played within the confines of social distancing.

For a great list of these games, see their blog post:

This blog post is particularly helpful in that it gathers all these games into one (BIG) list sorted by age group and space where they can be played. Each game in the list is linked to game rules, a downloadable pdf, and a video that explains how to set-up, play, and modify each game. You are sure to find at least a few games you can use in your own club setting.

Grow Games

Grow Games is hosted by Stuff You Can Use, a source for lots of youth ministry tools and resources. While they are currently in beta testing, they have over 500 games and activities listed, including lots of supporting materials and tools. You can access these games and tools via their website, or you can download the “Grow Games and Icebreakers” app for iOS or Android devices. This makes for an extremely handy tool in your pocket.

The games are easily filtered by category, including a “Social Distance” category. There are even a few games you can play via Zoom or similar videoconferencing applications.

Grow Games include supporting materials for each game. In addition, Grow Games contains tools that are useful for almost any game time, like timers, scoreboards, and random number generators.

Of course…

… you can always search for “kids games social distancing” online if you need more ideas, but we hope that these mega-lists will at least help you get started.

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