2022 December Cadet Quest

Cadet Quest magazine is back with a December issue that thoroughly explores the theme of AMAZING GRACE.

While reading this issue of Cadet Quest, you’ll want to take a close look at these objects hidden throughout the magazine.

[PAGE 3]
Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces the AMAZING GRACE theme with a few words about our focus this season. This page also has information on the Bible Knowledge badge, the special patch for memorizing 100 Bible verses, and the Home Cooking badge pages that show up later in the magazine.

[PAGES 4-5]
These Christmastime pages have lots of Christmas-related verses, facts, and photos.

[PAGES 6-7]
“The Gift of Giving” article will help you with gift ideas that you can make for the special people in your life.

[PAGES 8-9]
In the first fictional story of the issue, “The Sound of Christmas,” a boy named Michael gets a holiday surprise and learns a little something about God’s AMAZING GRACE.

[PAGE 10]
Our challenge to memorize 100 Bible verses continues! This month, we’ll be learning the story of Jesus’ birth as found in the gospel of Luke. This page also has hints to help you with your Bible Knowledge badge.

[PAGES 11-17]
The A and B Bible lessons are included, along with the Amazing theme Bible lesson.

[PAGES 18-19]
Join us at the Cadet International Camporee next summer! Registration opens in January!

[PAGES 20-21]
This month’s craft is a Prayer Jar – it’s a fun project, and a good way to see God’s AMAZING GRACE at work in your life.

[PAGES 22-23]
“The Main Gift,” is another fictional story that follows a busy boy named Brayden as he experiences gratitude for God’s AMAZING GRACE.

[PAGES 24-25]
Our work on the Home Cooking badge continues – this issue we practice simmering by making chili, chowder, and stew.

[PAGES 26-27]
You’ll want to take a close look at our fun pages this month, because we’ve hidden a bunch of items for you to find in the pictures on these pages. Don’t forget to read and share the jokes, too.

Casey’s Cadre is included, as always – this month Casey is helping his Cadet buddy work on the First Aid merit badge.

That’s a quick overview of the December 2022 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read and enjoy it! Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.