2023 February Cadet Quest


It’s a new month and a new issue of Cadet Quest magazine for February. This month we look at the theme of AMAZING ARCHITECTURE.


While reading this issue of Cadet Quest, you’ll want to look closely for these objects hidden throughout the magazine.

[PAGE 3]

Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces the AMAZING ARCHITECTURE theme for the issue. This page also has information on the Bible Knowledge badge, the special patch for memorizing 100 Bible verses, and the Home Cooking badge pages that show up later in the magazine.

[PAGES 4-5]

“Extreme Buildings” gives you the facts on some of the most impressive buildings in the world.

[PAGES 6-7]

Learn all about major league ballparks – especially Fenway Park – in “Amazing Baseball Stadiums.”

[PAGES 8-9]

The article, “Whoa Roller Coasters,” highlights a few of the more amazing examples of these exciting rides.

[PAGE 10]

Are you still working on your Bible Knowledge badge? This page will help you. You will also find the verses to memorize this month to reach the 100 Bible verse challenge. This month we’re learning 1 Corinthians 13.

[PAGES 11-17]

The A and B Bible lessons are included, along with the Amazing theme Bible lesson.

[PAGES 18-19]

The Cadet International Camporee is only five months away – be sure to register soon!

[PAGES 20-21]

We continue our work on the Home Cooking badge – this month we practice our baking skills. Enjoy these recipes for chocolate cake, sweet blueberry muffins, and easy chocolate chip cookies.

[PAGES 22-23]

Discover the history and science of skyscrapers in the article “High in the Sky,” and be challenged to strengthen your spiritual foundation.

[PAGES 24-25]

Our craft project for this issue is a hydraulic bridge. Follow the directions to put together a model bridge that you can raise and lower using the force of hydraulic pressure.

[PAGES 26/27]

Our Quest Fun pages this issue give you the chance to decode architectural terms and have a laugh with a bunch of jokes.


Casey’s Cadre finishes the issue with Casey’s adventures in ice fishing.


That’s a quick overview of the February 2023 Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read and enjoy it! Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.