2024 Stewardship Sale

One-offs, odds, and ends

Russ was cleaning out his office the other day when he found a few “interesting” items. While interesting, these items are no longer in stock, not in our stores, and we’re not really interested in keeping them around the office anymore.

If you can use anything you see here, please let us know – 616-241-5616 or info@calvinistcadets.org. We’d prefer local pickup, but if you’re willing to pay for shipping, we can send it to you. All prices are negotiable.

Military-Style Belt

A heavy-duty cloth belt with a military-style slide buckle. Approximately 40 inches long and navy in color, they would go great with your uniform, or use them as cargo ties, maybe? We have quite a few of these for some reason.

Suggested price: $2 each or 10 for $10

Cadets Stocking Cap

Are you chilly sometimes? Do you like to support Cadets? Get one of these stocking caps (or toques) and keep a lid on it!

Suggested price: $4.99

2011 International Camporee Sweatshirt, Size 3X

This highly sought-after collectible is from the 2011 International Camporee. The size on the tag reads “3X” so it will fit exceptionally large individuals, and might fit regular-sized humans if you wash it enough times in hot water. 

Suggested price: $4.73

Cadets Sweatshirt, Adult Small

Are you chilly sometimes? Do you like to support Cadets? Do you wear adult small-size apparel? We have a sweatshirt for you!

Suggested price: $1499 (OBO)

Knit Polos

We have some nifty knit polos with “Cadets” text and the shield logo on the lapel area. Pocket included! Need an adult small size? We have it! Need an adult 2XL size? We have two of those! Need a different size? Buy the small and stretch it like crazy, or buy a 2XL and shrink it like crazy. 

Suggested price: $14-15

NIV Revolution Bible for Teen Guys

These Bibles include extra materials for teenage boys. There’s only a few of these left, so call now!

Suggested (retail) price: $29.99

NIV The Adventure Bible

America’s best-selling children’s Bible, updated and improved for ages 8-12. Blue leather-look cover with silver Cadets shield logo on the front, this one has already been opened, but is in great (almost mint) condition.

Suggested (retail) price: $29.99

NIV NEW Adventure Bible

This NIV The New Adventure Bible has a navy leather-look cover. Does it have the Cadets logo on it? Probably, but it’s still in the shrink-wrap, so we can’t be sure. 

Suggested (retail) price: $26.99