Books – Matthew in the Middle

Do you have cadets that like to read? Have them try the “Matthew in the Middle” book series! They can join Matthew, with his active imagination and growing faith, as he muddles through the challenges faced by many Cadet-aged boys. 


Matthew Muddles Through

As the middle child in his family, Matthew Vos struggles in the middle of trouble on all sides. He shares a room with an annoying younger brother and dodges the harassment of an obnoxious older brother. A big-as-a-bear neighborhood dog targets him like a heat-seeking missile. His Cadet Club crams into the church’s too-small basement, and his catechism class meets in his living room. He longs to attend the Cadet International Camporee, but will he even get the chance? How can he rescue his mom’s book from the principal’s “Black Hole”? And why does Mom feel so sick all the time? Join Matthew, with his active imagination and growing faith, as he muddles through all this and more.


Matthew Makes Strides

Matthew Vos doesn’t like feeling afraid. He wants to be brave, but discovers that being a hero isn’t at all what he’d imagined. Will his dream to attend the Cadet International Camporee ever come true? And what’s up with that crabby new girl in town? Join Matthew as he makes strides in facing fears and forging friendships.


Matthew Moves Ahead

After three long years of waiting, Matthew Vos is finally going to the Cadet International Camporee! He’s earning money to buy supplies, but the lawnmower slips from his grip and cuts through a customer’s garden. Matthew’s hopes wither like the sheared-off plant tops. What more could possibly go wrong? And will the Camporee turn out to be all he’s imagined?