Christmas Project – Compass Ornament

Follow these instructions (and the video) to make a vintage-looking compass ornament! 

Instructions (see video for details/example)

What You Will Need

  • compass image graphics
  • packing tape
  • lids (from soft drinks, baby food, or similar)
  • awl or small drill
  • wire
  • gold spray paint or paint markers
  • needle-nose pliers
  • glue
  • hot-glue and hot-glue gun

Step #1 

Download and print out the compass image graphics.

Step #2 

Cover the graphics with a layer of packing tape.

Step #3 

Cut out each graphic as squares, then carefully cut the graphic along the dotted border.

Step #4 

Poke or drill two holes through the side of a cap.

Step #5

Poke/Drill two more holes the same way through another cap.

Flip cap.

Poke/Drill a third hole on the opposite side and centered between the first two holes.

Step #6 

Use spray paint or paint markers to add a metallic gold coating.

Step #7 

Cut two pieces of wire, about 2 inches long.

Thread the wires through the holes to join the caps.

Bend and cross the wire ends for a tight fit.

Twist the ends of the wires if needed.

Snip excess wire and use needle-nose pliers to make final adjustments.

Step #8

Make a hanger by bending a length of wire around the barrel of a pen.

Then twist the wire and snip the excess wire.

Push the hanger through the top hole.

Add a good dab of hot glue to the end of the hanger.

Step #9

Glue the graphic onto the inside of the lower cap.

Step #10

Bend the pins of a mini gold brad outward to flatten it.

Add a small dab of hot glue to the center of the graphic.

Quickly position the brad on the glue.

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