Club Promotion – Bulletin Board

Promoting your club takes many forms, but one of the most familiar and most effective is the “Cadet Bulletin Board.” If your church has a Cadet program, you should have a Cadet Bulletin Board placed in the church where lots of people will see it. This will help inform your cadets and counselors as well as others as to what’s going on in your club. A bulletin board is also a good way to build support for your club by showing that you are active in the church and community.

Club Promotion – Bulletin Board

Here is an example bulletin board layout that demonstrates the basic elements you should include as well as a possible arrangement. Let’s take a closer look at the various parts that contribute to the whole board.

1. Heading/Title

It is important to have a big label or heading on your bulletin board to get attention and let viewers know what they’re seeing.

2. Calendar

Keep at least one month posted and up to date. Be sure to include meetings and special events.

3. Pictures

It is extremely important to post pictures of what your cadets are doing. This will both encourage your cadets and help build support for your club.

4. Camporee

The International Camporee may only happen every three years, but it is important to start spreading the word about it early. There is no minimum number of people a club can send and there is financial help available.

5. Theme

Every year you get a poster of the annual theme. Make sure you display this for the whole church to see. (You can also order more!)

6. Announcements

Post about upcoming events, service projects, Cadet Sunday, or other notes of interest.

7. Cadet Landmarks

Help people know what Cadets is all about. Landmark posters are available in the large version shown here (#3512), a smaller version of the same poster (#3511), or a four-pack with each landmark on its own poster (#3513). You can also consider having your club make your own.

8. Flyers

Give people a way to share Cadets with others. Keep several extra flyers on the board and encourage people to take them and pass them along.

9. Contact Information

People will need a way to contact you with questions. Include your phone number, email address, and Facebook page or website if you have one.

While this list is not exhaustive, including these elements will give you a good start. Remember to keep your bulletin board up-to-date and relevant, and change up content as often as you can. This will demonstrate the dynamic nature of your club.

How do you use your Cadet bulletin board to promote your club? Comments or questions?
Let us know!