Craft Project – Bee Keychain/Beechain

Follow these instructions (and the video) to make a beechain (bee keychain)! 

Instructions (see video for details/example)

Note: This project requires a whittling kit or pocket knife – Cadets should know how to use these items safely.

What You Will Need

  • Wood block with hole drilled in center
  • Whittling kit or pocket knife
  • Leather string
  • Paints and brush

Step #1 

Begin whittling at the corners. Push the blade away from your body. Wear protection.

Step #2 

Continue to whittle down the ends of the wood block. Think about shaping it into the body of your bee.

Step #3 

You can carefully whittle towards your body to round out the ends more.

Step #4 

Paint your whittled bee body yellow.

Step #5

Use a black marker and draw stripes at one end.

Draw eyes at the other end.

Draw a mouth and wings.

Step #6 

Push a length of leather string through the hole.

Step #7

Thread on your keys.

Step #8

Finish by tying a square knot to secure your keys.

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