Craft Project – Bookends

Follow these instructions (and the video) to make a set of bookends! 

Instructions (see video for details/example)

Note: This project requires a scroll saw – Cadets should know how to operate it safely.

Step #1 

Cover one face of both pieces of wood with masking tape.

Step #2 

Use spray adhesive to adhere your printed letter to the taped face.
Repeat for the second letter.

Step #3 

Cut out each letter from the wood using the printout as your guide.

Drill a hole inside a letter that requires an inside cut for the scroll saw blade to drop through.

Step #4 

Remove the paper and tape from letters.

Step #5

Sand all pieces of wood.

Step #6 

Construct bases by gluing two pieces of wood together to form an “L”

Clamp and allow to dry.

Secure with two finishing nails.

Step #7

Mark the center of each base.

Apply wood glue to letters at touch points.

Press letter in place and let dry (your letter may need support)

Wipe away excess glue.

Step #8

Paint or stain and seal bookends.

Other notes

Cadets can choose to cut out letters or other shapes (sports team logo, etc.).

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