Quest Themes and Related Badges

Working on badges related to Quest themes is just one way to keep badgework relevant and provide some continuity to the season. While not every Quest theme may have a badge that’s directly related, there are still ways to tie badges in with every Quest theme. Here are just a few ideas.

September/October 2020 – Dive Into the Word

The first issue of the season is devoted to our theme for this year – Dive Into the Word – and it’s easy to connect this theme will nearly any of the badges in the Discovering God’s Word category. In fact, you’ll find an extensive list of badges on this year’s Gold Sheet, including Bible Study, Bible Exploration, Christian Way, History of the Bible, and Devotions. Other, less obvious tie-ins include Reading, Journalism, and Calligraphy, or even water-related badges like Swimming or Water Safety.


November 2020 • Basketball 

The Basketball theme is easy to relate to badges like Team Sports, Physical Fitness, and God’s Temple, but you could also connect Sports Card Collecting. Less closely related, but still relevant badges include Christian Way and Witnessing, which can be applied on the court and off. 


December 2020 • Grandparents 

The Geneology badge is probably the best fit with the Grandparents theme, but the Life and Death badge could also be appropriate. Other, less obvious connections include Chivalry, Photography, Chess, or even Hiking. 


January 2021 • Peer Pressure 

Peer Pressure can be a tricky topic, and it’s also a little trickier to directly tie badges in with this theme. Even so, you could connect some badges like Individual Sports or Team Sports. Or perhaps take the opportunity to promote some of the badges that are seen as less “cool” like Babysitting or Baking. Bible Study, Christian Way, New Life, and Prayer are possible candidates here, too.


February 2021 • Chemistry 

The Chemistry badge is an obvious connection to the Chemistry theme of this Quest issue. However, you may want to think about Fire Safety as a related badge just in case. You could even push a tangentially related badge like Baking. 


March 2021 • Kenya 

The Kenya theme lends itself to a badge like Community Life so that cadets can see themselves as part of God’s global community. While they’re looking up Kenya on a map, Cadets might enjoy working toward the Map Reading badge. With the growth of Cadets in Kenya, the Giving badge might also fit if boys want to support the Cadets ministry internationally. 


April/May 2021 • Easter 

Easter is a favorite holiday for many of us and relates well to the New Life badge. Other less obvious badge options include The Church, Memorial, and Music. Even Easter dinner can be related to a badge like Home Cooking. 


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These are just a few ideas for ways that you can tie badgework with Quest themes. Clearly some of these connections are more of a reach than others, but anything you can do to make badgework timely or relevant is a plus. We encourage you to challenge your cadets with a variety of badges this season.