2019 All-Michigan Camporee

The 2019 All-Michigan Camporee took place July 10-13, at the Grand Valley/Rush Creek Allegan Campground.

103 boys registered for this exciting event to enjoy fellowship together as well as get certified for the upcoming International Camporee.

Cadets on this campout were from several churches and camped in tents with others from their home church. During the day, the boys were split into more random groups to facilitate meeting new friends and develop social skills while working through the day’s activities and events.

The main activities of the weekend included riflery, archery, a craft, several games, building shelter, and reading a compass. Riflery and archery challenged the boys not only with marksmanship but also with learning the appropriate safety measures to take while doing these potentially dangerous activities. Campers were able to build a craft from materials and instructions provided by counselors, resulting in a souvenir catapult made of pine boards that is sure to “delight” parents as well as the boys. The shelter-building and compass-reading activities are part of the certification for International Camporee.

Counselors and Cadets were entertained during evening assemblies with special speakers and even a juggler.

Another successful All-Michigan Camporee is in the books – special thanks to the counselors and volunteers who worked to make it possible for these boys to enjoy time together in God’s creation, and we look forward to seeing many of these Cadets and counselors at International Camporee next summer.

Pictures and info provided by Art and Media Director, Robert deJonge.