2021 February Cadet Quest

The theme for the February issue of Cadet Quest magazine is CHEMISTRY. We encourage you to explore this fascinating topic with us.

Check out the Table of Contents to see what’s inside this issue, and see if you can find all the objects hidden throughout the magazine.

Steve Bootsma, our Executive Director, gets us going on the topic by asserting that chemistry is fun. Read his introduction and see if you agree.

If you really enjoy chemistry, you may want to consider some of these chemistry-related jobs.

Take a look at “Two Very ‘Cool’ Inventors” who used their chemistry knowledge to bring historic innovations and iconic products to the grocery store and the hockey rink.

Of course, we highlight the Chemistry badge this month – use this worksheet to get a head start on earning the Chemistry badge.

Also included are a bunch of chemistry experiments you can do at home or at your cadet club meeting. These fun and educational experiments can be messy, so be sure to get the permission and help of a parent or counselor when you try them.

“A Is for Atom” tells the story of Noah, a boy who learns that chemistry can help people while also glorifying God.

The Fun & Games section includes a chemistry-themed puzzle – see if you can decode the chemical reactions – and get a giggle or two from several chemistry jokes.

In this issue, you’ll also find the regular features of Cadet Quest magazine: our spotlight on a cadet club, the A and B Bible lessons, a craft project, and the Casey’s Cadre comic.

That’s it for our overview of the February 2021 Cadet Quest magazine. Be sure to read all of it, learn a little bit about chemistry, and have lots of fun. Until the next issue, enjoy Cadet Quest!

If you have any questions or comments about Cadet Quest magazine, please contact info@calvinistcadets.org.