2020 March Cadet Quest

The theme for this month’s Cadet Quest is SPACE, so we’ve given SPACE a lot of room in this issue.

Executive Director Steve Bootsma introduces the topic of space with a sense of wonder, reminding us that we can be thankful even for things we don’t fully understand.

The first article, “Massive Explosion,” starts with a BOOM and goes on to explain a lot of space facts in a story format.

“Singing Stars,” is a short story about the Very Large Array that explores both space and the Bible for stars.

A special space-themed quiz will have you guessing and learning about humans and space.

Looking for more space knowledge? We’ve got an article that goes in-depth about “Black Holes – the hungriest places in space.” With the attached “Space Smarts” glossary, readers are sure to learn something new.

And space is of course showcased in this issue’s “Fun and Games” section, with a space-themed crossword and a handful of jokes that are out of this world.

The regular features of Cadet Quest magazine are also included: a craft project, a closer look at a merit badge, our spotlight on a Cadet Club, the Casey’s Cadre comic, and the A and B Bible lessons.

That’s a quick overview of the latest Cadet Quest magazine. We hope you’ll read it from cover to cover, learn something new, and have a lot of fun. Until next month, enjoy your Cadet Quest magazine!